by Craig Brooks, Son of Bill & Suzanne Brooks members of Inland Empire chapter

Boats have been a part of my family for as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of being on the lake in Montana at Gates of the Mountains. My brothers and I grew up on boats, and my Dad is a boat guy. This is a movie about my fathers restoration of the family boat Andante, a 1948 Chris Craft Sedan Deluxe. However this is more than just a story about a boat. It’s about history, patience, persistence, a never faltering will, and a dream. Watch and get a little insight into our family, and my amazing parents. There really is something special about messing around with boats. This film is dedicated to my parents, Bill and Suzanne Brooks. I am continually inspired by your drive, patience, will of spirit, and adventurous spirit.


    • After watching this video I now understand why back in 2013 Bill and Suzanne sold me their 1952 Chris Craft 22′ Sportsman named 52 Skidoo. After shipping her from Idaho to Maryland, I decided not to change the name. My wife and I have enjoyed making memories out on the Chesapeake Bay. Thanks for selling us the Sportsman and for sharing this video with us.

      • Ralph:
        I just stumbled across the comment section and found your thoughtful comments. I often find myself thinking about Skidoo and wondering how she is doing and if you still own her. I woulld be interested in knowing of her current condition and any work done.

        Best Regards,
        Bill Brooks

    • I have built a couple wooden boats. Do not have the patience what your dad did but sure would love that boat. We now have a 23’ C- Dory we use on Puget Sound.
      Great job, Craig. Sheridan, WY home port.

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