The Pacific Northwest is nicknamed “The Boating Capital of the World”.

Shipping, fishing, and military, of course, but also the rich heritage of pleasure craft of all sizes which ply the seacoast and inland waters from Oregon to Western Canada constitute the reason for the title. 

The Pacific Northwest Chapter members are those who preserve and enjoy that heritage.  This very active chapter invites new members with a business card that entitles them to free pizza at the first meeting they attend. The chapter is active in community activities such as Seattle’s “Opening Day” in May.  Having a flotilla of antique and classic boats join the themed parade from Portage Bay past the University of Washington’s crew house and into Lake Washington always is a highlight of the parade witnessed by thousands.Spirit-Award-mc

Pictured here is Hokey Pokey, owned by Curt and Marsha Erickson, in the 2016 Opening Day parade.  Guests of the Pacific Northwest Chapter were ACBS Board Members attending the Spring Quarterly ACBS meeting in Seattle.

The Pacific Northwest Chapter’s website has a section on “Restoration Resources” which starts with this statement;

“There is nothing you can do that will help your restoration project as much as joining the ACBS. You will be able to find others in the club with the same boat as yours. You will be able to find others that have done the same restoration operations as you need to do. The ability to do this will more than repay the modest expense of joining the organization. We highly recommend membership in the ACBS to anyone contemplating classic boat ownership.”

54 International Chapters of ACBS

The Antique and Classic Boat Society has 54 Chapters throughout the United States, Canada, and France. ACBS members who affiliate with a home chapter find a group of friends with whom to share boating experiences, boat stories, and the skills needed to maintain and/or preserve and restore their vintage boats.  Inevitably, the genuine relationships formed at the chapter level are always mentioned when an ACBS member is asked why they value their ACBS membership.

When you click on the CHAPTERS tab in the menu above, a world map will appear showing the location of the ACBS Chapters.  Which one is closest to you?  Or maybe there is a chapter near the lake where you vacation that has an event scheduled which you could attend.

Please share information about your chapter.  Anyone can do that.  

  • You can send a report about an event that has taken place anytime this year.  
  • You may write the story of one particular boat.
  • You may tell how your chapter is mentoring youth or new members.
  • What else would you like to share?

You may email pictures and text to

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