On this cold wintry day, enjoy some wake beauty…  by Dennis Mykols

Growin’ up in the 50’s,  I would love to sit in the back of my Dad’s little outboard and just be mesmerized by the look of a stern wake. To this day, I would rather let someone else drive my boat, so I can just sit back and remember those early days of my lifelong love of boatin’. Just something about how different the wake each boat will make, dependent on their hull shape, load, and of course speed.
Attached are some of my favorite pictures of stern wakes. Some shot from my own boats.  
Then there is the thrill of jumpin’ wakes, like in my 28 foot Saber “The Wave Hippy”, as seen in the last picture. But that’s a whole other story, just ask Ronnie who took that shot, by the way. 

Thanks, Dennis Mykols, for bringing our thoughts closer to summer boating through your collection of Wake pictures.  Just imagine the sound and the sun … 

This website serves so many purposes.  First of all, it is to share the experiences of those who love vintage boats and boating.  Those viewers who are lucky enough to belong to a chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society get to share those experiences face-to-face. 
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  1. I most clearly remember those wakes from the other end…on the end of a tow rope. And I also remember being tripped up by them…but it was all in a 1950s-60s day’s work on Warner Bay of Lake George behind a Chris-Craft Continental. My father used to humble brag that “It’s costing $5 a day to keep you kids skiing”. Oh, for those prices and cares again!

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